About us

We are a company specialising mainly in fintech services and internet communication. Due to our experience and permits, we are now working on many exciting projects to include a new service that will allow the introduction of financial services to instant communication.

We completed the first money transfers from England to Poland in 2005, as a sole proprietorship. We have been transferring funds to Poland ⇄ Great Britain on a larger scale since 2010, that year we registered as a Limited Liability company under the name England.pl Sp. z o.o. In 2013, as one of the first four companies in Poland, we obtained the permission of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (UKNF) to operate as a National Payment Institution. We were entered into the Register of Supervised Entities under the number IP4 / 2013. Obtaining UKNF approval was highly advantageous, the basis for the security of our clients’ funds, and a guarantee of compliance with demanding standards and procedures.

In August 2018, we launched a new service called FX City, as a response to the needs of our clients, allowing transfers not only between Poland and the United Kingdom, but also between almost all European Union countries.

In March 2018, we purchased the iconic Polish messenger GG (formerly Gadu – Gadu) and we are constantly working to make it regain its former glory. The messenger was created in the year 2000 and was in various hands throughout its 20 years on the market. Thanks to us, it returned to its home country – Poland, and very many Users, both existing and new, still use it. Since the purchase, we have been continuously working on the development of the messenger, listening primarily to the voices of GG Users.

In April 2019, we obtained permission from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (UKNF) to expand our operations to include issuing payment instruments and maintaining accounts, which allows for a wider scope of service development.

In October 2019, we changed the company name to Fintecom Sp. z o. o., in order to connect all our services offered to date under one brand, i.e.

  • England.pl – money transfers between Poland – United Kingdom
  • FX City – international transfers within the EU
  • GG – internet messenger

The new name Fintecom, therefore, corresponds to the expanded scope of the company’s activity, which is situated on the border of FinTech services (England.pl and FX City brands) and communication (GG).