Fintecom sponsors the “Flutter Europe” conference


Our company, Fintecom, has become the official sponsor of the largest conference on Flutter technology – “Flutter Europe”, which will take place in Warsaw on January 23, 24 this year.

We became the sponsor of this event because we believe that cross-platform solutions are the future of information technology and we are going to implement these solutions in our future applications, both related to our transaction systems as well as in the GG communicator itself.

Flutter is a new open source framework developed by Google for creating user interfaces. It is used to create applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and Google Fuchsia. It is designed not only to build native mobile applications, but also allows you to build web and desktop applications from a common code. Programs created using this framework are based on the Dart programming language, also developed by Google.

The versatility of this technology greatly raises our hopes for solving numerous problems that have accompanied existing technologies, one of them being the need to code and then maintain separate native applications, separately for each front-end, which for many application owners was linked with large costs associated with the development and subsequent maintenance of often four separate environments.

Mobile applications written in Dart and the Flutter framework look and behave almost 100% identically on both Android and iOS devices. The Flutter ecosystem is already quite advanced, uniting an ever growing community of programmers, it is supported by one of the largest corporations in the world and we believe that the implementation of this technology will dramatically accelerate the creation of both mobile as well as web and desktop solutions.