GG Messenger

GG Messenger (formerly Gadu – Gadu) is used for instant and free of charge online communication between Users.

GG Messenger was launched on 15 th August 2000. On February 28 th, 2018, it was purchased by Fintecom (then and since that day, we have made every effort to ensure that GG becomes a fresh and secure place for communication, enriched by additional services. We believe that through innovation, we will be able to restore GG to its former glory and make it the first-choice messenger as a route to fast and secure communication.

The purchase of the GG messenger is part of our long-term business strategy; we intend to enrich the messenger with innovative FinTech services. We are currently developing and improving the messenger by introducing new services and functionalities.

Our priority is to comply with the highest standards and ethics in terms of protecting the privacy of our Users, which is why we have implemented new security systems and improved existing ones. We are currently working on developing these systems further in order to achieve the highest security standards and maintain the privacy of Users.

Thinking about our Users, in 2019 we launched an online store with the option to buy GG gadgets, as well as the Gadu-Gadu blog enabling discussions on topics from various fields.